Salesforce integration

Connect seamlessly to your Salesforce account to automatically pull your leads, contacts, and other documents into Smartcat and push it back when translated.

How does the integration work?

The integration automatically creates new Smartcat projects when new content is added to your Salesforce, and uploads translated content back when it is ready.

How do I use the integration?

1. In Zapier, create a new Zap with Salesforce > New Record as the trigger and Smartcat > Create Project as the action.

2. Create another Zap with choose Smartcat > Project Completed as the trigger and Salesforce > Create Record as the action.

3. Whenever a new record is added to your Salesforce account, wait for the Zap to run and then go to Smartcat > Projects.

4. Translate the content using standard Smartcat features.

Once the translation is complete, it will be automatically pushed back to your Salesforce account.

How can I benefit from the integration?

After you finish the integration configuration, you’ll be able to take advantage of all of Smartcat’s tools and capabilities for your specific project:

  • You can translate your records in real-time, without the inconvenience of having to download, upload, or send it to your translators.

  • Smartcat's translation memory and glossary features can be used on your project to enhance translation quality and consistency, as well as save money on repeated translations.

  • Smartcat’s machine translation features can be used with your project to quickly and roughly translate your content, or to set up hybrid machine-human translation workflows.

  • Smartcat allows you to invite your translators to collaborate on your project without giving them access to your source material, and also offers a marketplace for finding new translation providers.